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Why PBL + ABL = Success For ‘The SPOT’ https://drive.google.com/drive/#folders/0ByYWEZrNTtuKOHVjbG5OQjk3LUU
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At 'The SPOT' is prepared to write a new chapter in the organization's history and take on it's boldest challenge yet.  Thanks to a significant grant award from 21st Century Community Learning 'The SPOT' is nearly completion of research & development of our 21st Century Classroom Initiative. The environment strives to be the benchmark of technologically advanced teaching equipment and instruction techniques.  Due to the very liberal boundaries set by the grant, 'The SPOT' has the latitude to utilize multiple technologies and tools in our environment(s). 

The approach is to first leverage 'The SPOT's' area of expertise which is After-School programming.  The highly advanced technology environment will be refined in the low stress, highly forgiving After-School environment.  Once satisfied the functionality is there, highly ambitious, motivated educators (as well as open-minded internships) will be tasked with integrating lesson plan development, current instruction techniques, and original newly developed teaching methods to bring to life the 21st Century Classroom Initiative.  Because the environment is 100% owned and unrestricted, techniques can be scientifically tested to measure performance and effectiveness.

Fruits of the difficult yet rewarding work will be an extremely efficient, innovative, highly flexible, and repeatable environment ready to be introduced and demonstrated for all those who will listen.

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